Status page: Monitoring your team's daily activity

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Timeneye offers a unique way to check on your team's daily progress: the Status page.



The Status page displays, for each one of your users, three different columns containing various information:

Newsflash: it's the latest activity registered for that user; it can be a time tracking action or, if you have linked your Basecamp account, the latest event generated by him/her on Basecamp itself (for example, "Completed a to-do: Write a new post for the blog").

Today: in this column Timeneye tells you on which main projects the user has been working during the current day. It's a fast way to know where are the efforts of your team being spent today.

Latest: it's a simple extract from the time tracking log for the user, letting you know which are the latest time entries he/she has registered on Timeneye.

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