Create an end-of-the-month billing report

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One of the commonest tasks a good project manager does every month is producing an end-of-the-month billing report for his projects.

The main reason to produce this document is to give to the client a neat report of the hours spent on his project.

Timeneye is a great tool to create billing reports.

1) Go to the "Report" page, and select the project and the time frame you want to create the report of; then select "Billables only", click on "Generate report"


2) In a couple of seconds you get the compiled report; you can browse between three tabs: the "Projects" tab shows you a report of the time spent on each task; the "Users" tab groups the time spent on the project between your team's users; the "Entries" tab shows you a detailed report (log) of the entries registered on the selected project.


3) You can easily print the report, clicking on the "Print" button on the right. You'll be able to choose which tabs to print and which ones to hide.


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