Linking Basecamp projects to Timeneye

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Once you have activated the Basecamp integration in Timeneye, you can link your projects and become able to track time directly from Basecamp.

Basecamp projects are imported as projects on Timeneye, and their active to-do lists become Timeneye's tasks.

1) From the "Account"/"Plan & integrations" page, click "Show integration projects".


2) You will be shown with the list of your Basecamp projects: you can link one just by clicking on the "Import" button.


3) At this point you can choose whether link it to an already existing project on Timeneye (this can be useful if you have already created the same project on Timeneye) or to import it as a new one.


4) Once the project is linked, you will find a new discussion pop out in your Basecamp project.


5) Using this discussion you'll be able to track time directly from Basecamp.


6) But that's NOT all! You can track time on linked projects using comments too! Just open a to-do, comment it with the time you spent working on it (the accepted formats are for example "20min" or "2h35"), and in 5/10 minutes you will find the same amount of time registered on Timeneye!

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