Billable and non-billable projects

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Timeneye allows an easy time tracking process for both billable and non-billable projects.

You should use billable projects for every project you need to bill regularly, and for which you need thus "reset" your billable hours count each time you bill your client.

For example, a consultancy job is a good candidate to be a "billable project" on Timeneye: you need to be able to "reset" the count of the hours you will need to bill each time you send an invoice to your client.

Non-billable projectsare, on the other hand, projects that you work on for a fixed amount, or internal projects. In this case, you need to get information about all the time spent on a particular project, without the need to "reset" the count from time to time.

In Timeneye, a project can be billable or non-billable. To set this preference, you need to open the project from the "Projects" page; then, click on the "Edit" link near the project title, and set the "Billable" checkbox according to your needs.

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