How to enable Basecamp integration

To improve the efficiency of your daily routine it’s really useful to link your Basecamp projects with your Timeneye account.

This will allow you to track time directly from Basecamp in two ways: by adding comments to to-dos (i.e. “4h30”) and by using the embedded interface in the “Timeneye Time Tracking” discussion that will appear in each linked project.

But first things first: let's enable Basecamp integration in Timeneye!

1) Click on "Account" and then on "Plan & integrations".

2) Click on the "Enable" button next to Basecamp integration.


3) You will be asked to give Timeneye permissions to access your Basecamp data. Just click on the green button.


4) After a bunch of seconds, you will be shown with the list of Basecamp projects you access: to import one in Timeneye, just click on the "Import" button and choose whether create a new project in Timeneye or link it to an existing one.

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