Register time on Basecamp using to-dos comments

Account Owners: For your users to be able to register time by commenting on Basecamp to-dos, you need to enable Basecamp integration, link your projects and link Basecamp users to Timeneye.

Timeneye allows Basecamp users to register time directly from Basecamp, commenting on to-dos with the time spent on them. Registering time this way is extremely simple:

1) Open a Basecamp to-do related to a project which is linked to Timeneye


2) Enter a comment with the amount of time you spend on that task (don't worry if you still haven't completed the to-do, you will be able to register more time later by adding more comments). Formats accepted are, for example, "1h15" or "75min" (see more at the end of this article).


3) That's it! Once the comment is added, Timeneye will need just 5/10 minutes to process it and register the time you entered in the appropriate project and task.

Supported time formats in Basecamp comments

  • 5h20
  • 5hr20
  • 5h20min
  • 5h20m
  • 320min


  • To-dos comments are processed only for projects linked to Timeneye;
  • It takes about 5/10 minutes for comments to be processed;
  • Do not enter text other than time in comments you want to be tracked (e.g. if you enter "2h writing a great post about life" the comment won't be tracked by Timeneye).
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