Redbooth integration

The Redbooth integration allows you and your teammates to register time directly on Redbooth (using the built in function) and have it automatically synced to Timeneye.

Your project managers will be able to use Timeneye's powerful reports while employees keep entering their time entries directly on Redbooth.

To activate the Redbooth integration, open the "Plan & Integrations" page and click the "Enable" button next to the "Redbooth" title. You will be asked to provide Timeneye with the access to your Redbooth account.

Next, link your Redbooth projects to Timeneye by importing them (using the "Import" button in the "Projects" page) or linking them to an existing project in Timeneye (by opening the project from the "Projects" page and clicking on the "Edit" link next to its name).

Sync between Redbooth and Timeneye is performed every 10 minutes (approx.).

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